C2S signed a partnership with French remote monitoring specialist Vitaris

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Creative Specific Software (C2S), the company behind fall-detection system VAC, recently signed a partnership with French remote-monitoring provider Vitaris, which will market the system in France. 


Vitaris will bring C2S’s remote monitoring system to the French market

Creative Specific Software (C2S) developed VAC, an innovative system that detects falls via an optical sensor and alerts health professionals. The company recently signed a distribution agreement with  Tunstall subsidiary Vitaris, a company specialising in remote monitoring for the elderly. The partnership will allow Vitaris to market C2S’s fall detection patented system in France.

The VAC (Fall Visualisation and Alert) system is based on an optical sensor and an algorithm that analyses a person’s behaviour in the room they chose to occupy, allowing to detect not only falls but also abnormal behavioural patterns such as not getting up in the morning ; in such events, an alert is automatically sent to a friend’s, family member’s or health professional’s smartphone, a landline or a remote monitoring centre.

Earlier in 2016, C2S made an entry on the Canadian market following the signature of a partnership with Health Group Sedna. 5 nursing homes for the elderly are currently testing the VAC system.

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