Belgium: specially equipped containers to accommodate elderly people

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In Belgium, more exactly in Flanders, the idea of a new housing concept is developing quietly: it is about fitted out containers accommodate for the elderly. If the project is well received in Flanders, in Wallonia it is rather criticised.

elderly equipped containers

Equipped containers: a (good) housing solution?

In Flanders, several partners work together to establish a housing solution for the elderly. It’s about equipped containers made to be placed in a garden. These containers will benefit from all adequate equipment to be comfortable at home, and moreover they can be easily moved. So, they will allow families to welcome the grandparents, by offering them a living space independent from their houses.

Representing a temporary solution in front of a shortage of beds in retirement houses, these containers can be rented or bought. Indeed they will be “personalised and custom-made” according the person’s situation and needs.

Here is what it could look like the equipped containers for the elderly

Questioned by the newspaper l’avenir, the Belgian Secretary of the Social action, Maxime Prévot declares: “if the dependent elder are under the close surveillance of their children, nevertheless, they are relegated at the back of the garden in their containers. Is it really what we wish for our parents and grandparents? Undoubtedly, it is not a Flemish Secretary political project but it is necessary to pay attention on the conveyed images. It is essential for the elderly life plan and for their relatives“.

However, in a report realized by the channel RTL, the retirement house residents who live temporarily in the accommodated containers during the construction work, affirm that they are satisfied with their new housing.

  • See the report realized by RTL concerning the elderly containers

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  1. I think it’s a wonderful idea. The containers seem nice enough and new anyways. When I was going to school there were always potables added on and I moved around quite a bit so it wasn’t just one school. Anyways the portables weren’t nearly as nice as the ones shown here in the pictures. Our portables were dark and I think a few were even condemned because of bad wires or building materials. I might have a problem if the portables were 30 years old or something but it can’t be any worse than living in a trailer.

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