ALZ : an experimental game to immerse in the daily life of an Alzheimer’s patient

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ALZ is a poetic and touching experimental game conceived by Dylan NG that can slip into shoes of an Alzheimer’s patient.

By moving a faceless character with the keyboard arrow, you find yourself immersed for a few minutes in the daily difficulties of the disease.

Understand the difficulties associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Inability to recognize people, to remember past events or to move, altered perception of the environment, ALZ offers to delve into the daily life of an Alzheimer’s patient for a few minutes.

The environment is blinking, is pixelated, changes colors, the characters have no faces, sometimes they appear, sometimes they disappear, or they are represented by a black square.Alzheimer jeu 2This game is also poetic, the character evolves into his world, rocked by a piano ballad. “Have an unforgettable experience of forgetting” said the author of the game, which has been tested more than 50,800 times.

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