110-year-old Agnes Fenton has a special secret to explain her impressive lifespan

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Agnes Fenton comes from New Jersey and recently celebrated her 110th birthday!

The centenarian has surprised her relatives and doctor with her iron constitution. She justifies her lifespan and good shape with the special diet she has followed for 70 years. She drinks three beers and a glass of whisky every day.

Fenton has  followed a physician’s recommendation

Agnes Fenton explains she has followed the recommendations of a physician who advised her to drink three beers every day, to which she decided to add a glass of whisky.

At 110 years old, she still has a good eyesight and hearing and has no particular health problem. However, her nursing staff decided to end that “diet” when they noticed she didn’t eat as much as she used to.

According to Agnes, her lifespan is also due to God: when she turned 100 years old, she went to her mirror and thanked God that she was still here. She has thanked him every morning ever since, claiming that he gave him a long and happy life.

According to studies, going to a place of worship is good for elderly people; this is however not the case for alcohol.

Researchers examined Agnes’ case; she has taken part into a study conducted on centenarians for five years. At this point, the study has shown no link between lifespan and alcohol consumption.

Today, there are 600 “super centenarians” all over the world.


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