South Korea : when Artificial Intelligence Calls and Checks on Isolated Elderly People

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Faced with the demographic crisis in South Korea, declining birth rates, and a decrease in the number of family caregivers, many cities have decided to implement a system of phone calls from an Artificial Intelligence (AI) aimed at seniors. The country aims to find solutions to ensure the elderly can age in place and maintain their autonomy.

Busan and Seoul, two of the largest cities in the country, have launched a new service targeting seniors. An artificial intelligence has been developed to check on their well-being. Naver, the company behind it, has created Clova CareCall, a program designed to engage in simple phone conversations and provide daily follow-ups. This solution was developed to combat the isolation of South Korean seniors. Built on AI technology, this conversational robot was developed to interact directly with isolated seniors.

Artificial Intelligence : a tool to combat loneliness of the elderly ?

In the land of the morning calm, many elderly individuals face loneliness. To counter their isolation, some municipalities have implemented automated calls to monitor the daily lives of seniors. This solution aims to alleviate the workload of social services officials. The machine contacts Korean citizens twice a week.

With a female voice, Clova CareCall takes care to inquire about the senior’s daily life. The program can also provide advice and praise the seniors based on their exchanges. Furthermore, this AI has the ability to retain information exchanged with the interlocutor. Whether it’s about nutrition, health, scheduling appointments, or even morale, the conversation between the robot and the senior aims to ensure their well-being.

South Korea : placing humanity at the heart of innovation, AI at the heart of social care…

portable senior intelligence artificielle

Artificial intelligence is a tool that allows officials to identify issues more easily. If the elderly person does not respond, expresses pain, or shows distress signals, a human takes over from the machine to assist the citizens. The municipal employee can directly communicate with the senior while accessing the conversation records.

Municipalities aim to provide a qualitative monitoring service to senior citizens. Today, this solution seems to have found its audience, as in the Haeundae district of Busan, 95% of users wish to continue conversing with the AI after the trial period.

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