Nicole Kidman gave a speach against ageism in Hollywood

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Nicole Kidman, a famous australian actress, used her Screen Actors Guild Awards speech to speak out against ageism in Hollywood, explaining however that the industry’s attitude towards older female stars is changing for the better.

When Nicole Kidman slams ageism in Hollywood…

The actress Nicole Kidman drew a standing ovation at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday as she called out ageism and sexism in Hollywood and she praised the industry for finally embracing women who are older than 40.

“To receive this at this stage in my life is extraordinary, and at this time in the industry when these things are going on and for this role,” the 50-year-old actress said as she accepted the award for best female actor in a TV movie or limited series for her role in “Big Little Lies.”

Indeed, during her speech, Nicole Kidman, 50, said that Hollywood’s current TV and film stars over 40 have “proven” that they are “powerful” : “We’ve proven — and these actresses and so many more have proven — we are potent and powerful and viable.” I just beg that the industry stays behind us because our stories are finally being told,” she added. “It’s only the beginning.”

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