Marisol TOURAINE and Laurence ROSSIGNOL commend the adoption of the society adaptation to ageing law by the French Senate

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The Minister of Social Affairs, Health and Women Rights of France, Marisol TOURAINE, and the State Secretary for Family, Elderly people and Autonomy, Laurence ROSSIGNOL commend the adoption of the society adaptation to ageing law on first reading by the Senate on the 19th of March.

In a press release, the Social Affairs, Health and Women Rights ministry, specifies that the project “attacks root causes of social inequalities”:

  • A national plan of housing adaptation for people in need will be characterized by the renovation of 80.000 private homes by 2017;
  • A real second act for the Autonomy Personalised Allowance (APA) at home will be launched, through the increase of home care work hours and the significant decrease of the excess for the family;
  • The home care will be modernised and home care professions will be promoted;
  • An important support will be given to close caregivers and family caregivers, particularly by the creation of “the respite right” with a financial help that can reach €500 a year per person in need.
  • There will be an emphasis on the transparency of longterm care establishments costs;
  • Rights and protection of more vulnerable people will be reinforced;
  • New rights will be given to elder immigrated people, by opening the possibility of naturalization by declaration; the elderly over 65 years old who have been living in France for 25 years and have French children will be able to get the French citizenship.

This law brings new social justice measures for the elderly. While this reform had been promised for more than ten years by the previous majority, the government held its objective regarding ageing policies. These policies aim to mobilise all public policies to give the elderly the means to be the actor of their life and to change the look on ageing.
This draft law involves all the French society to answer the elderly’s needs, to accompany them and to guarantee the respect of their rights all throughout their ageing process. It is an ambitious project which affects all French people and it is financed by national solidarity since it will be founded by the “CASA” (Additional Contribution of Solidarity for the Autonomy).
This vote is a new step for a full application on January 1st, 2016 of the law relating to the society adaptation to ageing, as the government committed to it.

Source: Ministry’s press release

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