LifeInABox, or how to keep your medication at the right temperature, safely and always with you

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Millions of people worldwide use heat-sensitive medication (insulin, growth hormones, anti-TNF, etc) and are prisoners of their medication. LifeInA created LifeInABox to fix it and to keep your medication between 2 and 8°C.

Lifeinabox LifeinaBox, a tool to help you live your life


LifeInABox allows you to keep your medication with you, at all times, knowing that it is always at exactly the right temperature.


LIFEINAIt’s also possible to use LifeinaBox anywhere – at home, at the office, even on the road… It plugs in AC/DC 110V to 240V, in the cigarette lighter of your car.

“We’re still working on the battery, but might develop a clip-on battery to avoid you having a full body cavity search at the airport”, explained Uwe DIEGEL, CEO at LifeInA.

Be free

The Lifeina app will warn you if it is time for you to take your next dose of vital medication, so that you can improve your medication effectiveness. The Lifeina app will also track your battery charge and warn you when it is too low.

Uwe DIEGELUwe DIEGEL, CEO at LifeInA, explained: “A couple of years ago, my brother Olaf nearly died when a hotel froze his medication by accident. So I decided to make a portable fridge to allow him to transport his medication. The response from the market has been overwhelming. For diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, growth hormones, the list never ends. There are about 3% of the population that are prisoners of their medication. To these people I will give the freedom to travel, knowing that their medication is kept at exactly the right temperature, any time, any place”.


Between 2 and 8°C (36 and 46°F)
Brushed aluminum finish
Holds 8 regular medication pens
Weighs less than 900g (2lbs)
Built-in battery
Powered by cigarette lighter or 110-220V

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