Happy End helps companies in the Silver Economy to better support issues related to end-of-life, death, and bereavement.

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Expert in end-of-life, death, and bereavement, Happy End, a Qualiopi-certified training organization, offers courses to improve how professionals support the general public during a delicate stage of life.

How do you explain the law to a patient and their family? What rites should be performed after the death of a resident according to their faith? How do you inform a family about a death? How is the caregiver’s grief specific? …

“Regarding end-of-life and bereavement support, there are few resources and training available”: this is an observation made by many professionals, whether they work in nursing homes and senior residences or as care managers. However, such training is crucial to ensuring quality support.

Carefully designed and enriched by field experience, the training provided by Happy End equips professionals in the “ageing well” sector with essential skills to approach these life stages with compassion, understanding, and professionalism. The topics covered are numerous, such as:

  • Becoming an end-of-life reference
  • Acquiring the basics of listening to grieving families
  • Implementing rituals before and after death
  • Considering tributes within establishments

The team was very pleased with this interactive session, which facilitated skill development. We leave your training feeling more equipped to support our caregivers who are experiencing a period of grief. It was a reassuring time to reflect on our practices and provided tools that are applicable both professionally and personally.

Guillaume Staub – Founder of Prev&Care

Very enriching and fulfilling training, it gave us keys to better approach end-of-life patients.

Maine’s polyclinic

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