Drug abuses increase among the elderly

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The Europe 1 health webjournal has revealed alarming data: the number of people aged over 65 who are hospitalised for drug abuses has severely increased. Some elderly people use cannabis for therapeutical reasons in order to relieve pain. Above all, they don’t realise the consequences this drug may have on their health condition.

An increasing consumption among the elderly

Experts are extremely worried about the increasing consumption of drugs among the elderly and the hospitalisation that may result.

There are two main types of consumers:

  • There are some elderly people who start consuming drugs as an alternative to depression. They resort to drugs after several disappointments or problems, like their life companion’s death.
  • Drugs abuse also affects the 1968 generation who are now in their twilight years and not yet ready to change their habits.

Cannabis – a substitution to conventional medicineCannabis and the elderly

On the web health journal of Europe 1, on January 6th, 2015, Georges, aged 67 tells his story: he is suffering from glaucoma and he substituted his regular treatment with cannabis. Ever since, he thinks the illness disappeared, as he can stay long hours in front of his computer, without having visual impairment.

The debate about using cannabis for therapeutical purposes is still very controversial: in the USA, many federal states have legalised this therapy. Furthermore, 84% of Americans above 65 years are in favour of this legalisation.

On the other hand, in France, in 2011, “Grannie Pétard” was convicted for consuming drugs since 1969, after being accused her maid. At the time, Grannie Pétard also confirmed that drugs were her only pain relief.

Above all, even though drugs may relieve pain in some cases, consuming cannabis is not a solution, just like alcohol. It can have fatal consequences, especially for the elderly. It increases falls risks, to lose their balance and eventually to get hurt.



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