Detecting falls- Autonomy: VitalBase launches a range of connected devices dedicated to people protection

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Vibby is a range of connected devices and smart solutions for people protection designed by VitalBase. Those streamlined, “non-stigmatizing” products aim at fostering autonomy among home-dwelling seniors and ensuring the safety of care facilities residents. 


Vibby OAK connected bracelet: how does it work?

Vibby OAK connected bracelet is equipped with vibbyoak_family-600x486an alarm button (which may also be worn around the neck or attached to a belt) allowing the user to send out an alarm message when requiring assistance; it also detects falls automatically. This smart bracelet aims at fostering autonomy among seniors and offers an alternative to standard push button switches. It features several functions:

  • Should a problem arise, or if they simply want to activate the hand-operated alarm, users only have to press Vibby OAK’s button. The alarm goes off, as signaled by vibrations and a led lighting up
  • The alarm is triggered automatically when a fall is detected; if the bearer does not get up within the next 20 seconds, the bracelet starts to vibrate and flash during 20 more seconds before sending the alarm.
  • The bearer of the bracelet can also cancel the sending of a false alarm using a capacitive sensor, by covering the device entirely with their hand until vibrations cease (approximately two seconds).
  • Vibby OAK is also connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth, allowing users to set up the device remotely, report low battery and transfer technical data
  • Vibby OAK is easy to set up and compatible with most remote support systems on the market.

VitalBase is also working on an even more efficient version of the bracelet, featuring new options (behavioural analysis, connection continuity outside of the home, connection to addictional sensors…)

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