DEMENTIA 21: The new installment of the disturbing and frightening adventures of Yukie Sakai, the home caregiver heroin created by mangaka Shintaro Kago

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Manga is in vogue, especially in France, the second-largest consumer of manga after Japan! Building on the success of Dementia 21 Vol.1, Shintaro Kago returns with Dementia 21 Vol.2, published by Huber Éditions, focusing on the treatment of the elderly in modern societies, all sprinkled with horrific elements and sharp black humor.

Manga is not just about entertainment; it also stimulates reflection, encouraging readers to question social norms, scrutinize injustices, and consider alternatives. Following the global success of “Dementia Vol.1,”dive into the captivating and disturbing world of “Dementia 21 Vol.2,” where social satire, horror, and humor blend to create a unique and unforgettable reading experience.

DEMENTIA 21, a biting social satire

Created by the visionary Shintaro Kago, Dementia 21 goes beyond being just a manga series; it is a bold exploration of the limits of social satire.

Through the lens of his abundant imagination, Kago tackles deep and often taboo themes such as old age, social marginalization, and the dysfunctions of modern societies. At the heart of Dementia 21, “senile dementia” becomes a fertile ground for stories oscillating between the absurd, horror, and a sharp critique of the treatment of the elderly.

DEMENTIA 21 VOL.2: An Odyssey into the Absurd

In “Dementia 21 Vol.2,” Shintaro Kago immerses us in a universe where the absurd coexists with social critique in a mesmerizing and macabre dance. This installment continues to develop themes dear to the author: the treatment of the elderly in modern societies, enhanced with horrific elements and sharp black humor.

Through bold graphic narratives, Kago transcends mere entertainment, urging readers to confront disturbing realities and reflect on crucial societal issues.

DEMENTIA 21, the Pitch

Yukie Sakai is an enthusiastic young home caregiver eager to help her elderly clients. But what seems like a simple job quickly transforms into a series of increasingly surreal and bizarre adventures that will test her limits. Retired superheroes, tyrannical old women, dentures with prodigious AI… Disturbing and frightening adventures await!

The visual style of Dementia 21 is instantly recognizable: rich and detailed graphics, sometimes unsettling, but always marked by impeccable technical mastery. Kago uses his drawing talent to serve his stories, manipulating perspectives, compositions, and details to maximize the impact of each scene on the reader.

About the author SHINTARO KAGO

Born in Tokyo in 1969, Shintaro Kago made his mark on the guro manga scene from 1988 onward, thanks to an inimitable style described as “paranoia chic.” His works, published in numerous adult magazines, blend social critique, grotesque elements, and limitless graphic inventiveness.

HUBER ÉDITIONS, the “PUNK” publisher of DEMENTIA 21

“In an era where political correctness reigns and harms freedom of expression, our books are unfiltered, sometimes controversial, but never leave anyone indifferent.
Shintaro Kago is a globally renowned mangaka whose universe perfectly aligns with our editorial line.”

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