Connected health: Nokia soon to buy Withings

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French e-health start-up Withings announced that it would soon be bought by Finnish company Nokia, noting that “joining forces Nokia will allow Withings to assert its position on the fast-growing global e-health market.”
The acquisition is a means to one end: allowing Withings to become the e-health global leader.

connected devicesWithings is “happy to join Nokia” in order to develop e-health market

Withings was founded in 2008 by President Eric Carreel and CEO Cédric Hutchings; it now employs some 200 people in Paris, Cambridge (USA) and Hong-Kong, and sells a wide range of e-health objects such as tensiometers, activity trackers, scales and connected lamps for better sleep quality, etc. Withings’ products rely on an ecosystem of more than a hundred compatible applications.
Withings is also involved in the Silver economy, and signed a partnership with Doro to develop mHealth.
smartphoneWithings CEO Cédric Hutchings said: “From the very beginning, we have been passionate about enhancing the quality of everyday life and fostering better health in the long run. We are happy to join Nokia and help people share our vision of e-health worldwide.”
By the beginning of the third semester of 2016, Withings will have been integrated into Nokia’s technology business and Cédric Hutchings will manage Nokia’s new e-health division.
“Withings share our vision for e-health and their products are well thought-out, and allow people to live life in better shape”, Nokia Technologies President Ramzi Haidamus explains. “Combining Withings’ award-winning products and talented employees and Nokia’s expertise and world-renowned innovations will allow us to take the lead in the oncoming e-health wave of innovation.”

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