Colgate advances the future of oral care with its electronic toothbrush with artificial intelligence!

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Colgate, a global leader in oral care, is committed to improving the way people brush their teeth. With the launch in the US on and select Apple Stores, the new Colgate® Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 with Artificial Intelligence, Colgate® is taking a leap forward by providing users with real-time feedback about their brushing so they can take better care of their oral health.

Focus on the new Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush

And, building on its rich history of understanding and anticipating the future of oral care and consumer needs, Colgate® and the new Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush use Apple ResearchKit – with the user’s permission – to crowdsource toothbrushing data to get even smarter about oral care for better and faster future innovation.

“Our goal is simple. We want people to have their healthiest smiles by brushing their best,” said Dr. Patricia Verduin, Chief Technology Officer, Colgate-Palmolive Company. “The first step to improving brushing is to understand consumers’ brushing habits, and Apple ResearchKit has proved to be a powerful tool for this.”

The new Colgate® Smart Electronic Toothbrush provides real-time feedback to improve brushing habits and help prevent problems before they start. Designed with the help of dentists, the brush features real-time sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms to detect brushing effectiveness in 16 zones of the mouth.

An electronic toothbrush with artificial intelligence

The toothbrush uses Bluetooth® connectivity and sonic vibrating technology and is powered by Kolibree – the smart device company that is a pioneer in embedding connected toothbrushes with artificial intelligence and 3D motion sensors. The Colgate Connect app is integrated with the Apple ResearchKit and features a 3D brushing coach to create an enjoyable oral care routine while encouraging better brushing habits.

“Connected health devices like the new Colgate® Smart Electronic Toothbrush provide a valuable opportunity to enable people to monitor their health and wellness,” said Dr. Verduin. “Using Apple ResearchKit to expand the boundaries of oral care is a testament to Colgate’s drive to create innovative solutions that help people take better care of themselves.”

The Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush will be available for Recommended Retail Price $99 USD beginning January 9 in the US exclusively at and in select Apple Stores.

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