Deputy Managing Director

Jury member – SWEDEN

Ludvig Mörnesten has been with the company for five years and is primarily in charge of the international business development as well as the Director of Dementia Forum X. He has overseen the development of most of the organization’s international projects, with a focus on innovation and development of knowledge transfer operations.

In his current role he heads up both the digital innovation team and the Queen Silvia Nursing Award team and is also responsible for business development and global implementation of Dementia Forum X and its related projects.

Ludvig Mörnesten is on the board of directors of Geras Solutions, SCI Innovation and a small private investment firm as well as a few other family run operations. Ludvig is also a senior advisor to the Swedish American Life Science Summit.

Previously Ludvig Mörnesten has worked in the wine industry in several countries, serving as the CEO of Storia Wine and the Nordic Export Manager at VSPT Wine Group.

His previous experience has brought him to many parts of the globe, starting his career in industrial development in the PRC and subsequently spending many years in the wine industry, based in Santiago, Chile. Graduate from the University of Stockholm from where he holds a BBA in Economics and Marketing.


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