Consultant and senior economist at Technopolis Group

Jury member – UNITED KINGDOM

Dr Kristine Farla is a consultant and senior economist at Technopolis with a long track record of experience in the research and innovation area. Kristine has a PhD in economic policy from Maastricht University / UNU-MERIT and in recent years she has worked on serval studies on the silver economic and active and healthy ageing. Her work involves, amongst other, the mapping of polices across EU member states and the provision of overall policy recommendations regarding how best to stimulate the emergence of an EU Silver Economy based on ICT and innovation (Silver Economy project for the European Commission).

She is currently working on the AAL Market Observatory, for the AAL Association, a project which involves the delivery of a market and investors report, a number of investors events where start-ups pitch to investors, and the delivery of a database of technologies relevant to AAL. She also led the first Impact Assessment and Information Gathering study for the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme. She believes that there are many opportunities across the public and private sectors where new technologies and services can transform the lives of older people. This transformation is just starting, and it will open up new directions for future social progress and economic growth.

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