Hualu_logoSenior Vice President of Beijing eHualu Information Technology Co. Ltd.

General Manager of Hualu Senior Care and Health Management Co. Ltd.

Jury member – China

Mr. James Wang is Senior Vice President of Beijing Ehualu Information Technology Co. Ltd. and CEO of Hualu Senior Care and Health Co. Ltd. Mr. Wang got his MBA degree from Peking University. Before joining China Hualu group, Mr. Wang was Partner in Deloitte Consulting China, looking after strategy consulting business of financial services sector. He has worked for BearingPoint China as Strategy Consulting Director, Value Partners as Strategy Consulting Partner, IBM GBS as Associate Partner. Mr. Wang is a PPP expert nominated by the Ministry of Finance, and the co-founder of a leading Health and Senior Care Association in China.

James Wang DC

He developed a strong management team composed of talents from global senior care institutions, central government, global leading consulting firm and leading financial services institutions. Hualu Senior Care and Health has launched more than 20 projects/communities in more than 15 cities in China. A PPP project in Shandong province has been selected as role model by the Ministry of Finance in 2016. Hualu Senior Care and Health is also Member of PFCGA (Partenariat franco-chinois au service du grand age).

Besides senior care industry, he has ever led or participated dozens of business strategy and transformation consulting projects for big Chinese state-owned groups, listed companies, Financial Groups, banks, insurance companies, PEs, and has deep understanding of business transformation.

Mr. Wang holds CPA certificate, and a fan of running and Taiji.

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