Chairman of U3A Reykjavik

Jury member – ISLAND


Born 1946. Doctoral degree, Physics, KTH, Stockholm, 1982.
1972-1992: Research, teaching and administration at KTH, University of Iceland and Iceland Technology Institute.
1992-1999: Science counselor, EFTA and Icelandic Mission to the EU, Brussels.
1996-1999: Nordic Science Policy Council.
1999-2003: Rector of NorFA, Nordic Academy for Advanced Study, Oslo,
2004: Chair NorFA Board. 2003-2008: Director General, RANNIS, Icelandic Centre for Research.
2008-2012: Dean, Faculty of Business and Science, University of Akureyri. Extensive international cooperation on research, research training, science policy and administration.

Since 2012. Retired, working on different projects. Actively engaged in third age issues, since 2015 as Chairman of U3A Reykjavik.

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