Chairman of the Board of the World Demographic & Ageing Forum (WDA Forum)

Jury member – SWITZERLAND


President of the Academia Engelberg Foundation – a Swiss platform for dialogue between science & society.

Member of the Board of Directors of RehaClinic Bad Zurzach AG – a Switzerland-based  chain  of  rehabilitation  clinics.

Since  2009,  Dr.  Groth  has  been  a  permanent  guest  lecturer  at  the University of St. Gallen (HSG)/Switzerland with the topic “Megatrend: Global Demographic Change”.

Hans Groth has been working with Pfizer Inc. for twenty-four years. He has comprehensive experience in  over  30  healthcare  markets  including  Western  Europe,  Eastern  Europe,  the  USA and  Canada.

His responsibilities  have  included  medical  affairs,  clinical research,  regulatory,  marketing  &  sales  as  well  as international public affairs in cluding negotiating pricing & access conditions with government authorities, NGOs as well as healthcare payers.

In 2003, he was appointed “Pfizer Global Health Fellow” by UNAIDS to conduct case  studies  in  Central  Asia and Siberia in order to quantify the threat potential of HIV/AIDS/TB in that region. For his ongoing commitment towards supporting public health infrastructure projects in Southeast Siberia and Kirgizstan, he received in 2008 the “Pfizer Global Health Fellow Award”.

For the past fourteen years, Dr. Groth has been studying the interaction between global demographic change, economic development, wealth and societal stability.