An Alternative to Urban Renewal : Intergenerational Living Community

In 2017, 9Floor started an intergenerational project in 3 units of social housing with New Taipei City Government, the most populous city in Taiwan. To test how to motivate the interaction between youngsters and elders, we first invited 30 volunteers to join a three-day camp. In these 3 days, youngsters and elders stayed together and attended a few of workshops to figure out the needs in both software and hardware aspects for two generations. Receiving feedbacks from participants, 10 people joined and started their six-month co-living lives afterwards. In this stage of the project, we are devoted to building up an organic community ran by residents themselves and attempted to influence the neighborhood community.

9Floor, as the pioneer implementing intergenerational co-living, we are committed to overcoming the generation gap by interior and social design. These projects have proven challenging, but we are motivated by our commitment to create a friendlier, more livable city.

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