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7th International Carers Conference

The 7th International Carers Conference will take place from 4-6 October 2017 in Australia

Carers Australia will host the 7th International Carers Conference in Adelaide, South Australia, from 4-6 October 2017. This event aims to re-imagine caring into the future, providing a catalyst for innovation and collaboration; sharing improvements in the way we support unpaid carers, care-recipients, their families, networks and communities.

Ageing well: new solutions for the elderly and their caregivers

1,2 million old people are considered dependent in France, and there are almost 11 million caregivers among the French families… But getting older and older is not just about figures in our society anymore; it is about losing autonomy and mobilizing many caregivers. Today, it is urgent to find solutions!

On the booming market of Silver Economy, loads of startups grow and develop tomorrow’s tools to help people age well. Settled at the very heart of Toulouse’s French Tech, RoboCARE Lab is one of them, trying to innovate in order to improve the quality of life for dependent people.

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