Ageing Lab President

Jury member – Spain

Graduated in Nursing at the University of Granada, Master in Nursing Sciencies at the University of Alicante, Master in Nutrition and Apllies Dietetics (specialty in nutrition in the elderly) at the University of Jaén, Master in Occupational Risk Prevention (speciality in occupational safety) at the UNED, Second degree of Specialisation in Methodology of Health Research at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Alicante Bachelor of NurshinG at the Hogeschool of Zeeland (Netherladns) and Doctor at the University of Jaén (Nursing and Healthcare).

Work and teaching experience:

Nurse in several hospitals in medical, surgical and central services in hospitals of the Andalusian Health Service and the Canary Islands Health Service. Director of Nursing at First Level Hospital for more than 13 years in the Andalusian Health Service and the Canarian Health Service.

Professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Jaén in the Degree of Nursing and in three Official Masters. Visiting Professor at the University of Extremadura, University of Sassari (Italy), IPG de Guarda (Portugal), University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), University of Lublin (Poland) and University of Tifariti (Saharawi Republic).

Further information:

Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (2012-2015) and currently Vice-Chancellor of Teaching and Academic Planning of the University of Jaén. Vice-president of the Welfare and Social Policies Committee of the Economic and Social Council of the province of Jaén.
Research member of the Sociopolitical Studies Section of the Institute of Jienneses Studies.
More than 20 non-regulated training courses taught and 40 received.

Two theses directed, 15 TFG, 8 TFM, 30 articles published, 29 Book chapters, 10 Books, 9 technical reports, 40 communications, 26 posters and 22 lectures in congresses, 10 research projects, 3 teacher innovation projects , 3 transfer contracts. Member of scientific and organising committees, and president of more than 20 congresses and conferences, 11 times moderator of round tables and communications, director of a symposium and 10 times member of the jury of research competitions.

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